John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Peter Schiff: Video: Michael Moore: Americans Wouldn't Need Guns if We Had More Welfare

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I don’t know where Michael Moore gets his facts if you want to call them that. More like talking points, spin and so-forth that the Far-Left in America uses to get their message across. But looking at the facts in America before concluding that we don’t need the 2nd Amendment or the right to self-defense because only ‘White people’ believe in it and use and buy guns so somehow under the far-left’s logic again if you want to call it that, but if you at the facts gun ownership is multi-racial in America.

But logic tends to be logical, so lets say ideology and under their ideology the Far-Left’s ideology 2nd Amendment is somehow racist because it only benefits one race in America. Look I don’t believe in that, just looking at the Far-Left’s arguments you know what this is why I don’t watch MSNBC. Even though I’m a Liberal Democrat, except for Lockup and perhaps the replay of Meet The Press because I like to sleep in on Sunday. Because they take people like Mike Moore and other far-Leftists seriously and treat them as people of wisdom and so forth.

Guns aren’t just in rural America and in the South where Anglo-Saxons tend to be a large majority in those communities. Go to a big city at some point like Detroit, Cleveland, New York or whatever the big city, these cities are very diverse racially and ethnically and have gun stores and other places where you can buy guns. And they are bought by mixture of people of different racial and ethnic groups. Freaking Ed Schultz Progressive talk show host on MSNBC owns firearms. This isn’t a racial issue or an ideological issue.

The 2nd Amendment in America has broad racial and ideological support because a wide range of Americans have use for firearms. Doesn’t mean as a country we don’t believe in gun control. But to suggest that the 2nd Amendment is racist and that Caucasians as a group buy guns to arm themselves against African-Americans is flat ignorance. The Far-Left in America likes to speak about the need for tolerance, equality, equal rights and so-forth. All things I believe in as a Liberal otherwise I wouldn’t be much of a Liberal. Except they don’t believe in tolerance when it comes to Caucasians, especially Anglo-Saxons and rural Anglo-Saxon males. And in many cases their own race, which is why they are part of a fringe in America. Because Americans tend to believe that tolerance, equality and equal rights should apply to all Americans, not just minorities.

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