John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Profiles in History: Marilyn Monroe's Subway Dress- From The Seven Year Itch

Source: Profiles in History- Tom Ewell & Marilyn Monroe-
Source: Profiles in History: Marilyn Monroe's Subway Dress- From The Seven Year Itch

One of the most famous scenes in Hollywood history happened in one of the most conservative times in American history, the 1950s. When women weren't expected to show off their physical beauty and were looked down upon when they did. In this scene, the goddess of Hollywood, Marilyn Monroe, showed millions of people around the world part of what she had to work with from a physical standpoint and a big reason why she was so popular.

Marilyn Monroe was a Silent Generation baby who grew up during the depression and got to watch or hear about World War II, instead of ever having to ever worry about serving in that war, because she was too young. Who was probably 15-20 years ahead of her time. She becomes a star in the 1960s and there wouldn't been much that was controversial about her as far as how she presented herself physically. This is a woman who wore tight Levis jeans and loved to show off her legs and butt when most women weren't wearing tight denims at all, at least in public in the 1950s. She was so ahead of her time as a Hollywood goddess and actress, that it's just a damn shame that she died so early. And denied so many of her fans the ability to see how great of an entertainer she would've become.

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