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John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Joseph Sanders: Gloria Loring- The Facts of Life: Full Song

Source: Joseph Sanders- Welcome to The Facts of Life-
Source: Joseph Sanders: Gloria Loring- The Facts of Life: Full Song

I have to start this piece off on a personal note, because without it I'm not writing this today.

About a year ago perhaps a year ago exactly it was in early June last year, I wasn't feeling well one night and I couldn't sleep and decided to just get up at that point until I felt well enough to go to bead. Which I'm sure sounds strange, because why would someone have to feel well enough to go to bed. People generally go to bed because they're sick and aren't well enough to be up and around, but I'm lying in bed and I can't sleep and I feel like I have a bug ( not a bedbug ) and I get up to try to feel better. I'm still in my room and I go to my couch and turn the TV on ( it's a big room ) and find a Facts of Life marathon on and for you Facts of Life junkies it was the series of shows that were in France or took place there.
Source: New York Daily News- The Facts of Life cast 
The Facts of Life in a lot of ways if not most ways is about Generation X. I grew up with The Facts of Life being born in the mid 1970s and this show is about my generation in many ways if not most ways. People going to high school and college in the 1980s The girls on this show are all born in the 1960s, so they're a bit older than me, but same generation and they would be my older sisters or first cousins if we were related, except I would be about a foot taller than all of them, but so what. But I hadn't watched this show even the reruns of it in I don't know 20 years. I caught the theme song on YouTube a couple of years ago but this not a show that I kept up with at all since I've been an adult at least. Seeing this marathon one very late night early morning when I wasn't feeling well brought this show back to me.
Source: The Mental Floss- The Facts of Life cast 
Last summer from June perhaps through August and maybe even September, I'm watching Facts of Life reruns everyday and developed a crush on Blair Warner ( played by Lisa Whelchel ) and started searching for information about her and learned that after The Facts of Life she went into a new career and got into writing and wrote a couple of book even, became a professional speaker. She's basically been a part-time actress and I'm guessing by choice since she left The Facts of Life and created a new positive life for herself outside of Hollywood. I saw a couple of her movies which weren't great like a Hallmark movie she did with Kim Fields. ( Who played Tootie on Facts of Life ) I'll have more about Lisa Whelchel and Blair Warner in the next few weeks, but this is supposed to be about The Facts of Life theme song.
Source: Like Totally 80s- The Facts of Life cast 
As far as theme songs, is there a better 1980s theme song than The Facts of Life ( by Gloria Loring ) at least a song with lyrics? Growing Pains was great, not sure it's better. Cheers was great, not sure it was better. Different Strokes was great and might be as good or better. The show is not as good but that might up for debate. The Family Ties theme song is a great but not as good. The Unknown Stuntman theme song that was actually delivered by Lee Majors himself, might be better than The Facts of Life. But when your'e talking about lyrics and delivery I think The Facts of Life might be the best sitcom theme song ever.

Source: Genius

"You take the good
You take the bad
You take them both and there you have
The facts of life
The facts of life

When the world never seems
To be living up to your dreams
Then suddenly you're finding out
The facts of life are all about you

When there's someone that you care about
It really isn't fair
They're out to slow you up
When you're growing up

When you let them flirt
And then you hurt
A waiting when your date is late in showing up
Then you're growin' up

When it's more than just the birds and the bees
You need someone telling you please
There's only one conclusion
There will always be confusion over you
It takes a lot to get 'em right
When you're learning the facts of life"

It's not just a beautifully written, commonsensical, well-delivered song, but it's so spot on. That without The Facts of Life, we're really nothing. Forget about freedom and how great that is, because without The Facts of Life, we're just a bunch of idiots going through the motions, because we don't have the information that we need to make the right decisions for ourselves and live a great life. "You take the good, you take the bad, there you and there you have." That life is neither heaven or hell but it's real and that sometimes life will be great and sometimes life can really suck and really test you to see if you're worthy of moving on and strong enough to get through the deep valleys of life and work your way back to the top. That "it takes a lot to get life right when you're learning The Facts of Life."

That is what I get out of this great beautiful theme song and a lot of what this show is about which is teaching these teenage girls in the 1980s about what life was really about. And that the best way you learn is though experience and actually doing things and not just reading about them and hearing what others have to say about it, but physically experiencing those experiences yourself. That if anything you get more out of life from bad experiences, from losses, from mistakes. Because those are tools that people need in order to get better and prevent us from thinking too much of ourselves and that life is just one great stop on top of a hill where we never get knocked down. That is what The Facts of Life represents to me.

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