John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat

John F. Kennedy Liberal Democrat
Source: U.S. Senator John F. Kennedy in 1960

Friday, June 7, 2019

HBO: George Carlin- 'Question Everything'

Source:HBO- As great as George Carlin Was, RIP: even question George when he tells you something
"All credit for the video goes to its producers."

Source:HBO: George Carlin- 'Question Everything'

At risk of sounding serious for a minute: ( and it might only be a minute ) do you want to live in a liberal democracy where you have the right to think for yourself, or do you want to live in a prison your whole life ( like a communist state ) and be told what to do, what to think and how to think, because that's what this is about. If you are someone who thinks for yourself and lives an evidence based life based off on reason, ( to paraphrase Ayn Rand ) then of course you are going to question everything.

We live in a country with career politicians who get paid very well with a benefits package that rivals a lot of great CEO's with their health care, housing, retirement package all at the expense of the people who voted them into office and the people who were smart enough to vote for someone else, who do only what they believe they need to do in order to get reelected. They routinely take positions based on what can help them politically at that moment, ( take Joe Biden for a moment on the Hyde Amendment ) or help them get elected to a higher office and get paid to bullshit us.

So I have to ask this question: with so many people like this who are supposed to represent us in government, would you just automatically take their word every time they opened their mouth like you were some type of slave at North Korean work camp, or would you bother to use your brain for a moment ( perhaps even longer than that ) even if it meant putting your smartphone down for an entire moment ( or even longer than that ) and ask yourself: "does this guy really believe what's coming out of his own mouth right now, or is he just saying and doing this to help him politically?" And of course it could be a female politician who is also a professional garbage thrower ( to be kind ) trying to feed us garbage ( to be kind ) as well.

And it's not just our wonderful career politicians who at times are less productive than your average person on Unemployment or Welfare, who just get paid ( to be kind ) or take our money for themselves who give so many Americans great incentive to question everything that they do and say, who make great cynics out of us at all.

From our parents who raise us as hypocrites who our entire childhoods telling us not to do what they did when they were growing up and if we disobey, there will be steep consequences for that, even though they routinely got away with doing the exact same things growing up that they don't want their kids to do. Or supervisors at work who seem to know less about their business than the people who are supposed to work for them. The coaches that know less about their sport than their own players. Anyone who lives life anywhere in the world who doesn't question everything that they hear, is living life in a coma and watching the world go by.

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